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 Daughter of Essence RPG Maker Game [Big Update: 08-16-19!] 
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New Weekly & Alpha Build: v0.94 (BIRD EDITION)

Hello! This is something of a landmark build, since it introduces an exciting (and big and complex) new feature AND is the next build that will be going public in two week's time (August 16th, mark it on your calendars).

This release is, more or less, the conclusion of Chapter 8, though I'm sure I'll be tinkering away at it and continuing to polish as we go.

To our weekly and alpha patrons: we hope you enjoy. To everyone else: we hope you'll look forward to the 16th and all the new content and improvements that it will bring. To become a patron or download the public build visit here:

As always, patch notes are below. And don't forget: if you want even more (and faster) information about the game, you can also find us on Twitter and Discord

Version 0.94 - 8-2-2019
Added the conclusion to the second idol quest
Added more dialogue to NPCs in Aster Village
Added new areas to Aster Valley
Added the Crater area and new cutscenes
Added Qel, the Dreamer. Qel is a giant night essence bird that can be flown around the world map to reach your destination faster!
Updated the world map image to reflect the newly added areas
Fixed a lighting issue in the room with the first golden idol

Sun Aug 04, 2019 1:21 am
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New Release: Version 0.95!

Hello! I have a new weekly build, as well as a hotfix for the latest alpha build available.

This week has mostly been spent working on a lot of different cutscenes and preparing for the transition into chapter 9, but there's also what may be our biggest NSFW scenes to date tucked in here, if you made the right (or the wrong...?) choices.

There's a lot of loose ends I still need to tie up for the beginning of Chapter 9, and because the game keeps getting bigger and bigger--not just length-wise, but in scope and breadth, the threads are getting exponential with each chapter.

Chapter 8 is massive, featuring 5 sizable, fully-contained locations and various quests and side-quest buried in each of those locations. What's more, the game only requires you to visit 2 out of these 5 locations in order to advance the story, so the consequences of whether you visit these places, what you do there, and in what order you do them is a hefty undertaking. I'm going to be chipping away at this mountain for a little while, but that's all for the future.

As to the present, you can see what's new in the patch notes below. New to the game or want to become a patron? Visit

- Nym

Version 0.95 - 8-9-2019
Added a new NSFW scene (Futa, szarva, size-difference)
Added three new cutscenes, featuring Abner, Silas and Carlisse
The Carvannah soldiers will now appear in the cove (if recruited)
Sabal will now appear in the cove (if recruited)
Fixed some portrait issues in Shiveworth
Caught the quest log up to the in-game content
Fixed an issue where Mercy couldn’t re-enter the nestmother’s chambers in order to complete the quest
Mercy can now return the old music box to its rightful owner for a reward
Qel no longer remains in the crater after the cutscene
Fixed a portrait issue in the cove dorms
Fixed a potential soft-lock if you spoke to Marlan directly at the manor instead of trying to walk past him
Changed the stats and description of a certain debug item, since it’s found its way into the game (LOL)

Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:33 am
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Hello, everyone. It's finally here! A new public release! Numerically, the public version is now up to version 0.94.4.

I'm sure many are wondering why it took so long, and the answer is plainly that the chapter is big and ambitious.

It opens the world up to broader exploration, introduces many new and improved systems, and adds several new explorable locations to the game in the most open and non-linear chapter to date.

We are approaching the game's major climax, so everything you've done up 'til now has been building up to this next chapter. We hope you look forward to it. <3

Download this new public build or become a patron at

What's New Since the Last Public Build? (A Lot)
Added several more hours of continued adventures to the game
Added many new, fully-developed locations to explore
Added several new NSFW scenes
Added autosaving (and a toggle to disable it)
Added a new keyboard splash screen on startup
Added new trackers to cove strength, morale, sustainability and health
Added new enemies to overcome
Adjusted combat, ability and item balance across the board
Adjusted combat animations to be snappier and more impactful
Added new items, equipment and treasure to plunder
Countless other bug-fixes and quality-of-life improvements
Much, much more! You can find the complete change-log for every patch here:

Will my old save work?

Probably! But a lot of data is stored on saves that can't be overwritten by new patches, like character/item/enemy stats and keybinds. You can reset your controls to default to fix the latter issue, but there's nothing to be done for the former.

When will you update the walkthrough to feature Ch. 8 content?



New Weekly & Alpha Builds: v0.96!

We hope our patrons didn't think we'd forgotten about them. Here's notes for the newest build, version 0.96, accessible by both weekly and alpha patrons.

It's been a very long week preparing for the public build, but we haven't slowed for a minute, and there's still plenty of new content here for you. We hope you enjoy!

Version 0.96 - 8-16-2019

Added the masked Beatrix portrait
Added the traitor cutscene & departure
Added the Oldlight showdown strategy meeting cutscene
Added autosave toggle (N Key)
Added a new keyboard splash screen on startup
Added the boathouse to the cove (if you recruit the shipwright)
Added messenger bird aviary to the cove
Added new dialogue to everyone in the cove for the new chapter
Implemented new cove strength, sustainability and health variables
Fixed an issue with trying to pick up more than one chicken in Danforth Crook
Fixed a passability issue in the Danforth Crook bandit camp
Fixed some passability issues in the cove after recruiting bandits
Fixed a passability issue in Shiveworth
Fixed a passability issue in Carvannah
Fixed the cell switch in the cove
Fixed an image overlay in the cove if you upgrade your defenses
Removed the Qel landing marker next to Fogsborough (it broke a quest)
Fixed a passability issue in the prologue cove
Revised some dialogue in the Shiveworth manor
Fixed an issue where Claudia could appear in the cove if not recruited
Revised some dialogue on Bell’s ship
Fixed an event that gave infinite furs
Fixed an issue where the Carlisse cutscene in ch. 8 transports you to the wrong Cove area
Fixed a passability issue in Mar’Liore
Fixed an image overlay issue when transferring from the Carlisse cutscene in ch. 8
Fixed an issue where Vincent could be in two places at once in ch. 8
Fixed an issue where Orus disappeared when peeping on the miners in Carvannah
Fixed a portrait issue in the Carvannah aqueducts

Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:07 pm
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Joined: Tue Nov 14, 2017 5:15 am
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New Release: Version 0.97 (Math Edition!)

Hi, everyone! It seems like a thousand years ago when I posted the new public release (last week), but maybe that's because I uploaded half a dozen different hotfixes between then and now!

Our latest public builds are available on both Windows and Mac, and if you have an aversion to MEGA for whatever reason, you can also find them on itch and GameJolt!

In addition to that, I've also updated the walkthrough for patrons to feature all content up through chapter 8!

And if THAT was enough to get your engines roaring, I also somehow found the time this week to create a massive new system for measuring every member of the cove's stats and their contributions to the upcoming battles based on how you choose to assign them. This is extremely time-consuming and laborious, but it's also important and kind of cool to see the results of.

Alas, the battle itself is still a work in progress, so you won't see that until a little later.

Want to play the public build or become a patron? Visit


Version 0.97 - 8-23-2019
Added a brand new stat system for every single character in the cove (you will be able to see each of their stats and assign them to a task in defending the cove) Added new chapter 9 dialogue to more members of the cove
Fixed an issue where Annie didn’t show up in the cove after recruiting the bandits
Fixed a passability issue in the Fort Wilkes idol room
Fixed Gongo and Saul appearing in two places at once under certain conditions

Sat Aug 24, 2019 9:44 pm
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New Release: v0.98!

Hi everyone!

Version 0.98 is now available for weekly patrons. It's been a hectic couple of weeks, but little by little, I've been steadily plugging away at the game, making fairly significant gains on the new content.

This week, at long last, we reach part 1 of the SIEGE on the cove, and we hope you like it and look forward for what's still to come (a lot).

Want to try the public build or become a patron? Visit

Thanks, and we'll see you again next Friday!

Version 0.98 - 9-6-2019
Added the Cove Siege sequence, Part 1 (WIP)
Added a ton of different Oldlight soldier encounters for the coming waves
Added the General Diana encounter
Added a new Oldlight finder encounter
Added 5 new “awakened” character sprites for Mercy
Added 5 new “awakened” battler spritesheets for Mercy
Revised the Whirlwind skill for spear users. Instead of periodically reflecting magic, attacks now count as Wind element have a 33% of afflicting Silence (so it’s less redundant with “Awakening”).
Medicated Bandages now also remove the Unyielding Wounds status
Fixed a glitched event in a Hawk’s Keep tent
Fixed an issue where trying to fish up the essence in Witchdale doesn’t work if you upgraded your fishing rod
Fixed an issue where you could talk to Dietrich or other characters from the ledge below them
Fixed an issue where having talked to Cattie in a previous build in chapter IX could lock you out from progressing the story to evacuate the inn
Fixed an issue where the leaf spirit incorrectly states that 3 unrefined essence were received and adjusted the leaf spirit dialogue slightly
Improved some ability animations
Fixed an issue where June could soft lock Mercy in the ship’s cabin
Fixed some portrait issues in Carvannah
Fixed an issue where Mercy could read some signs while blinded
Fixed an issue where Claudia was still titled “finder” in Carvannah

Sat Sep 07, 2019 10:49 pm
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Version 0.99: Spreadsheet Edition

Oh, hello.

I didn't see you there. Come on inside to version 0.99 of Daughter of Essence: Spreadsheet Edition.

You might be wondering: "spreadsheets?" What could this old boy mean by spreadsheets?

Well, since you're here, I'll tell ya. It means I have spent the past entire week staring at spreadsheets, trying to math out all the consequences for how you assigned every member of the cove in the Oldlight Siege. And let me tell you, friend.

I am very glad to be finished.

Next week: The Big Version 100! No more math, next week. Just the good stuff--you won't want to miss it, promise.

New to the game? Want to try the public build or become a patron? Visit

Version 0.99 - 9-13-2019
The Cove Siege results are now tallied up and rated from F to S+, and rewards (or penalties) are applied correspondingly (WIP)
Added “the bad end” #1 to the game!
Changed how stealing gold works: instead of stealing 100% of the target’s gold, and that gold then not dropping after the fight, you steal 30% extra, and they still drop their full amount. Otherwise, stealing gold was only useful when you ran away from fights or lost (and there were virtually no instances where you could run away from people)
Fixed some more Beatrix portrait issues
Fixed an issue where Mercy’s portrait was reverted to default if entering the renovated throne room for the first time while blindfolded
Fixed an issue where beating Franz before round 3 did not trip the flag where he runs, and added more HP to the first Franz fight to prevent this from happening in overleveled files
Fixed an issue where the cove defenses could disappear in chapter 7+
Fixed a passability issue in Grey Clarion
Meghan’s dialogue if you haven’t renovated the throne room was caught up to her dialogue if you had

Sat Sep 14, 2019 9:41 pm
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