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Author:  vortex_vt [ Wed Apr 25, 2018 9:21 am ]
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Last Man 2.27 Beta
With this update begins the Poker Tournament in the PromZone. You can play in the first round with one of the participants. For the tournament a new mechanics of the game was made. And now you and your opponent will receive a set of cards, after which you can double the bet, pass or open cards. This game is simplified version of the poker (since we do not have a poker simulator here :)), so you will see only combinations that you have on your hand, without specifying cards, and also the strength of this combination, for those who do not really understand in poker. Note that if you have, for example, a pair of kings, and your opponent has a pair of tens, then the game will show the same strength of the combination, but you will win in this case.

All girls will start the game with a certain deposit. You will win the tour after she lose all her money. During she will loss money, she will undress, or show some sexy poses, to distract you. This works in the opposite direction also, if she starts to win, then she will start to dress.

Also, the previous scene with an explanation of the Tournament rules was updated. New conditions were added there. So, now the Casino will take the commission from all the winnings, but unlike the usual gaming hall, not from you, but from your opponents. This is done to simplify the win over the girl, if you are completely unlucky with the cards. The second new rule, the Casino will take a deposit when you start the game, and return the money if you played at least 10 bets with the girl.

One of the random scenes with a lonely girl in a forest house was completely rewritten.

The problems with displaying Chinese and Korean languages have been corrected. Fixed unnecessary loss of action points in the Casino.

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Author:  vortex_vt [ Wed May 02, 2018 9:15 am ]
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Last Man 2.28 Beta and Public Update
Today we have updated the club and public versions of the game. Some locations from early access became available to everyone.

Club players will be able to participate in the continuation of the Poker Tournament. In this build, the mechanics of the card game was updated. Now, when you received cards, you bet a certain amount of money to the bank of the current round. After receiving the cards, as before, you can open opponent’s cards, double your bet or pass. When you pass, you lose the amount of money you bet, but it’s useful if your cards are bad, and you do not want to lose more. If you have good cards on your hands, or you feel lucky, then you can double the current bet. This amount will be added to the bank of this round. Finally, if your cards are average and you do not want to risk, or you have already doubled the bet, then you can open the opponent’s cards. At the same time, you will bring to the bank an amount of money equal to the current bet. As before, the one who has the best combination of the cards wins, and if the combinations of cards are the same, then wins who has better cards.

For those who have already won in the game with the first girl, and came to the second round, you will find a new girl. The mechanics of animation of girls has changed too. Now when pictures changes (regardless of whether you won or lost), the animation of the new picture will begin from the start. So it’s easier to notice that you went a little further. This applies to the new girl and the first girl.

Amulet of Luck now supports the Poker Tournament, and its owners will often have better cards.

Fixed incorrect display of the opponent’s cards.

Also, I continue to update the old locations. This time, it was the BDSM scene and a random meeting at the entrance to the PromZone. The pictures and the story part do not change much, so you do not need to go through them again if you were already there.

The server part of the game, responsible for attacks on Bases of other players, was updated. Added PvE / PvP modes. In PvE mode, rewards for a successful attack will be reduced , and if you lose, as before, you will lose only a little money. In PvP mode, you will be able to obtain a part of the inventory (cans, books, weapons, equipment for the Base) from the opponent, in addition to money, but if you lose, you can lose some of your inventory too. You can select the mode of your participation in the settings of the Base. At the moment this functionality in testing, for everyone this option will be available in the nearest build.

Updated translations of the game into Spanish, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Korean.

Fixed minor bugs, unused objects were deleted.

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Author:  vortex_vt [ Wed May 09, 2018 8:24 am ]
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Last Man 2.29 Beta
In this build you will find the third round of the Poker Tournament. This time you will play with two beautiful girls. The rules remained the same, but some bugs with the output of textual information were fixed.

In addition, the second chapter of the game received a great update. The code for the 8th and 9th days of the game was completely rewritten. Reduced the number of textures loads, action buttons work just like in the last chapters of the game. Some mechanics and dialogues have changed. Event with Lilu can not be missed by chance now. Our hero get acquainted with her after receiving the laptop in any case. In the 8th day, one action point was added, so you can start exploring the city earlier. But, as for the gained experience and the parameters of the hero, nothing has changed, so if you have already passed these events, then you do not need to replay.

Fixed a couple of big bugs. One of them led to the loss of a small part of the money when your Hero’s Base was attacked by another player, regardless of whether you win or lost. The PvE / PvP modes are still in testing. Currently a simplified mode is active, with bonus rewards.

The second bug is related to the location of our New Home in the first city. At some events, the upgrades that you received were taken off, and the location textures were not loaded. This problem is fixed, but, unfortunately, upgrades for the apartment will need to be re-received.

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Author:  vortex_vt [ Wed May 16, 2018 9:57 am ]
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Last Man 2.30 Beta
The poker tournament is in jeopardy. The next participant does not seem to want to lose her money and invites you to participate in her adventure. You can start this new side quest in this build. To start this event, you need to go through the first three rounds of the tournament and play with the new girl.

In addition, work continues with the updating of obsolete game’s chapters. This time, the 10th day of the game was completely rewritten. The sequence of some events in it has slightly changed. Both erotic scenes with Nika have been rewritten.

The work of the multiplayer mode on the Hero’s Base has been slightly updated to improve the selection of rivals.

Improved the system of localization of the game to other languages.

Fixed minor bugs.

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Author:  vortex_vt [ Wed May 23, 2018 9:33 am ]
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Last Man 2.31 Beta
Those who have already win all previous games in the Poker Tournament will be able to participate in the penultimate round, with a new rival. Also, the mechanics of the game have been updated a bit – now you can bluff. For example, if you do not have too good cards, then you can try to scare the opponent by doubling the bet. And she, if she believes you, can Pass. That will bring you an easy victory in the round. But on the other hand, now rivals can also double the bet, or even just pass if they have bad cards. In addition, now you can change weak cards, which will increase your chances of winning. These changes, now work only with the new girl, if everything will be good, they will be added to the other rivals.

Also, many other events have been updated or completely rewritten. They were updated to a new engine version, with fewer texture loads. Some of our hero’s actions and dialogues were updated. The updated locations included: the entire 11th day of the game; events of acquaintance with Ira, Lisa and Alina; both scenes with the Sisters, whom we then take to work at the Base; event on a warship with Alina.

100% Walkthrough of the game was updated. It included all the events from the latest builds of the game, except the scenes with Diana (since they are not yet tied to the storyline) and the Poker Tournament (it’s still in development).

Slightly updated the game’s UI. An unused code has been cleared, and some minor bugs have been fixed.

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Author:  vortex_vt [ Wed May 30, 2018 9:31 am ]
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Last Man 2.32 Beta
Today we have a continuation of the storyline with the Casino. But, you have to choose one of the two variants of the storyline to continue the quests. You can ignore Meg’s offer, and continue the Poker Tournament. Or, together with Meg, try to rob a Casino by stealing the tournament’s jackpot. After you move forward in one of the branches, the second becomes unavailable.

To continue the tournament, you just need to fight in the last 6th round of the tournament (although this is not its end). If you want to choose the side of Meg, then you can meet with her in the park.

In addition, some old locations have been updated: scenes acquaintance with Natasha, the head of the New Post; scenes before acquaintance with Vera, and also at her home.

The code of cities maps have been updated. Also there was done some work to optimize the game, the server part of the game was improved, and various minor bugs were fixed. The obsolete versions of the game were disabled.

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Author:  vortex_vt [ Wed Jun 06, 2018 10:15 am ]
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Last Man 2.34 Beta + Public Update
This week we have one of the biggest updates. More than 30 scenes have been rewritten from scratch or updated. In some, the mechanics or the sequence of events have changed, some of the scenes have been combined into one big one to reduce the number of loads.

All the scenes in the New Apartment from 11 to 20 days were completely reworked. Now you can choose, invest to improve the apartment or not. Quest events are now not tied to specific days, and will appear until you use them (or until the quest time expires). Video chatting with Lilu now can not be accidentally missed, she will talk about the incidents in the city.

Fully rewritten events in the starting locations, which the hero can visit on the 8th-9th days of the game from Nicky, or later from his apartment. Some mechanics have been changed. Reduced the number of action points spent.

All the scenes in the Bank have been updated. Flashback with Katya before she left the country was updated.

The poker tournament got its continuation. After winning the last, 6th round, the girl will make you a risky offer (if you have already passed it, then you will need to load from previous save). Are you confident in your abilities to defeat the Casino, or Meg was right, and you will be deceived? I remind you that you have a choice of two storylines, with a finale in the Casino, or with a robbery of the Casino in the company with Meg. The second line is now in development.

In addition, past rounds in the tournament get upgrades too. All the girls were added mechanics with a bluff and a doubling of the bet. Also, the girls received small dialogues, and will insert some replicas during the game.

Updated translations into Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese Brazilian languages. Updated font files to cover all rare characters from different alphabets. If you notice that some letters are still missing in your translation, tell me through the bugtracker.

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