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 Games I'm enjoying/have enjoyed 
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The following is a list of adult games that I've enjoyed in the past and some I still currently enjoy. Some of these will have likely been mentioned here in the past, so please forgive any repeats. I may be adding more games in the future. All of the games I'm putting here are completely free. Hope you all find something that you can enjoy.

Ashford Academy: A game where you take on the role of a Principal, slowly corrupting your students while trying to keep things from going totally out of control. From what I understand, the game is being converted to another engine. This is time consuming and the creator also has RL stuff going on, so updates have been pretty much non-existant. However the creator did pop in to state he was still working on the game. The current version is still very playable and enjoyable. There's also a few fan-made content expansions if you desire more. It can be found at the following link: ... formation/

Corruption of Champions: You play the role of a hero fighting off demons to save the world. Or not. This is a game filled with opportunities to become anything other than human. There's a lot of combat involved in this and losing doesn't always mean death. There's a LOT of content in this and will likely not be enjoyed by everyone. But if you have an open mind, give it a shot. It's not a very big file.

Free Cities: A text-only slave management game written with Twine. Set in a post-apocalypse, you are the new owner of an arcology. It is one of the few safe havens from the wasteland. A self-contained city. In this game, you enter slave trades, encounter random events and move through your character's story. You can be kind, you can be cruel, you can modify all of your slaves to the point of modifying their genders. Males, females, futas, dickgirls galore. The game offers a LOT of slave customization as well as game customization. If you don't like futa or dickgirls, you can chose not to have anything to do with them. If one happens to slip through the options you've chosen, it's only a matter of selling them off and making a small profit for your trouble. If you don't want males or don't want females, that option is there too. I could go on for a long time about this as it's actually one of my favorites. A small file size with a massive load of content. Updates come about once a week. There are mods floating around so if you get bored of vanilla or simply want more, it's not overly hard to find.

Friend Trainer: Another text-only slave management game written with Twine. This game is simply about training a childhood friend into a nice little submissive. It's fairly early but entertaining enough for some casual fun. I'm hoping for more options and content in the future but it's certainly worth a look in my book. ... ame&id=899

Hentai High School Plus (HHS+): Similar to Ashford Academy, but more advanced and has a lot more content. This project is still active, but the official releases come slowly. While the official release is 1.05, you can obtain a 1.07 Alpha Preview on the same site, though there may be a few bugs. I really enjoy this one. It's not really something you just sit and fap to. There's a bit of strategy, as you really have to watch your finances. You'll want to build yourself up a bit before going in for the more adult stuff. And it's not just corrupting students, you also have to deal with teachers and the PTA.

Official Release:
Alpha Release: ... -(rev-1301)/

Katawa Shoujo: A visual novel released for free. It's a very good VN and was quite enjoyable for me. The characters are interesting and fun, the graphics were lovely, the music was good and the game was just a pleasure to play. This is something to play if you're wanting more story than just porn. Give it a shot:

Slave Maker 3: Slave Maker 3 is something I've poked at every now and then for a long time. You play the role of a man/woman/futa slave trainer. It's pretty simple in that you make money by training and selling slaves. But you also have to bring up your own stats through various training and attending certain events. I'm pretty sure most of you have heard about it.

Wed Jul 20, 2016 8:28 am
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Thanks for the share Malachai
I played Ashford Academy when it was in his early state development. I found it very repetitive, but maybe things are different now. I will give it a new try. ;)

Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:32 pm
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corruption of champions android

corruption of champions

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Fri Aug 23, 2019 4:37 pm
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