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 Grand Theft XStoryPlayer VI: It's kind of like real life. 
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Introduction: Chances are that by the time the full game is released, it will be much closer to this concept then when I first typed this up. One thing to note is that this post will probably be modified time to time as I continue to balance/flesh the concept out. Oh, and I don’t know what to actually call the game yet. For ease of editing, I've been typing this in Word, converting that to HTML, and then converting that to BBC, so some of the formatting is lost, hence why there are no bullet points. I really don't want to go through all of this post and put in every bullet point in BBC code, especially since I will have to do it for every major edit.

Setting: The downtown area of a large city, analogous to that of New York City or Chicago whereby you live in an apartment and there are dark alleyways between the apartments. On the west side, there is a police station, a clothes shop, a magic shop, and your apartment. On the east side, there is a sex shop, a convenience store, a gym, and a florist.
Your character would be chosen when you make a new game. You can alter:



    Age (slider, 18-99)

    Height (slider, not going too far beyond real-life bounds)

    Weight (slider, not going too far beyond real-life bounds)

    Skin Color (realistic presets, a few “alien” presets, or an RGB color palate with brightness slider)

    Breast Characteristics (female only)

      Breast Size (slider)

      Areola Size (slider)

      Areola Color (realistic presets, a few “alien” presets, or an RGB color palate with brightness slider)

    Penis Characteristics (male only)

      Length (slider)

      Width (sider)

    Testicle Characteristics (male only)

      Sag below the crotch (slider)

      Size (slider)

    Head Hair

      Main Style (presets)

        Hair tie color if applicable (an RGB color palate with brightness slider)

      Bangs Style (presets)

      Color (realistic presets, or an RGB color palate with brightness slider)

      Length (slider, starts bald and ends at ass length)

    Pubic Hair

      Amount (slider)

      Color (realistic presets, or an RGB color palate with brightness slider)

    Clothes (each of these has options including “none”)






    Clothing Color (presets, or an RGB color palate with brightness slider)

    Lip Color (natural presents, or an RGB color palate with brightness slider)

    Strength (slider, 1-10, affects character model)

    Virgin Status

Or you can just hit the 'random' button.

Game Mechanics: There will be various game mechanics at play:

    Character Physics: Pretty much what XStoryPlayer will have when it's all done.

    Fluid/object Physics/Interactivity: Pretty much what XStoryPlayer will have when it's all done.

    NPC Interaction: Text-based like XStoryPlayer, but with some other options (further explained below)

    Day/Night Cycle: A standard one in-game minute per real life second system (further explained below)

    NPC Hormone level: A measure of an NPCs current interest in sex at any given moment, and affects many decisions (further explained below)

Perspective: First, or Fixed Third Person (open third person and free camera during sex scenes)

    “Sex scenes” being defined as during any sexual stimulation, or while within 5 meters of somebody being sexually stimulated, or being within 5 meters of someone whom you have sexually stimulated (copping a feel on a random NPC that you’ve never met doesn’t count) within the past 10 seconds.

Default Controls: The controls can be re-mappable (and the option for some controls to be either momentary or toggling will be available), but here are the default:

    W: Move Forward

    A: Strafe Left

    S: Move Backward

    D: Strafe Right

    C: Toggle between Bending overpush-up position (i.e. dominant missionary), and standing

    Q: Roll over onto your back going left (in push-up or bending over position), or left side view (while standing)

    E: Roll over onto your back going right (in push-up or bending over position), or right side view (while standing)

    Spacebar: Jump

    Ctrl: Crouch Down

    Left Shift: Stand Up

    ,: Open legs

    .: Close legs


    P: Toggles penis state between in pantsflaccidsemi-flaccid, and fully erect

    1: Cum (as male), or have female orgasm (as female). Female orgasms cause the player to let out a moan and quiver for a second or two. Cumming where an NPC wants results in a small increase in relationship status, and not cumming where an NPC wants results in a minor decrease in relationship status

    2: Pee. Peeing inside a person will always cause you to lose relationship status with them (unless relationship status equals 100), and peeing on someone when you aren't at a high enough standing with them will also cause a drop in the relationship status.

    3: Make ejaculation-capable dildo/strap-on cum

    V: Moan or make brief positive sex phrases (i.e. "Yes!", "Oh God!", "This feels great!")

      Alt+V: Whimper, cry, or make brief negative sex phrases (i.e. "Stop!", "It Hurts!", "No more!")

    +: Tell NPC to cum inside you, or ask if they want you to cum inside them

    -: Tell NPC to not cum inside you, or ask if they want you to cum inside them

    Up arrow: Thrust forward

    Down arrow: Thrust backward

    B: Auto-action. If you are currently doing some sort of erotic motion (masturbating, sex, fingering someone, etc), the game will continue to do that action so long as you don't press B again or move.


    I: Access inventory

    M: Access map

    Left-click: Grab object or body part

      Double Left-click: Release whatever you were holding

    Right-click: Bring up interaction menu for NPC or object when you are within range

    Scroll wheel: Bring object or person closer to or farther away from the player

    Tab: Access your cellphone

    T: Bring up chat

Gameplay: When you start out, you will be in your apartment with a small amount of money ($20-30) and your cellphone in your inventory. You can walk out of your apartment and either walk or quick travel to the various locations. Here is a list of the types of things that you can do:

    You can interact with the various randomly spawned NPCs that populate the city.

    Enter the various interactive buildings in the game (all buildings have clocks in them):
    West side:

      Your apartment will look like an average apartment. It has a working clock and calendar, and is also a safe haven from cops. There are a half dozen rooms that other NPCs may occupy (and that you can enter, wanted or otherwise). The interactive objects in a room are:

        Light switch

        Closet: Where you can store one of every clothing item in the game in a list similar to that of the clothing store

        Nightstand: Acts like a chest. Has 8x10 squares of space

        Shower: Cleans off all liquid that may be on your body

        Bed: Skips the game ahead 8 hours

      The police station is where you go when you are caught doing illegal acts.

      The clothes shop is where you buy various kinds of clothing:

        Shirts (various colors and styles) (all colors cost $10, styles vary)

        Blouses (various colors) (all colors cost $15)

        Jeans (various shades and styles) (all shades cost $25, styles vary)

        Skirts (various colors and lengths) (all colors cost $25, lengths vary)

        Socks (various colors, lengths, and designs) (all colors cost $10, lengths and designs vary)

        Shoes (various colors and styles) (all colors cost $15, styles vary)

        Heels (various colors and styles) (all colors cost $25, styles vary)

        Bras (various colors and designs) (all colors cost $10, designs vary)

        Male Underwear (various colors and styles) (all colors cost $10, styles vary)

        Female Underwear (various colors and styles) (all colors cost $10, styles vary)

When in the shopping menu of the clothes shop, there will be a dropdown menu with three options.

        Put item in inventory

        Equip clothes upon purchase

        Put item in apartment closet

      The magic shop is where you can by certain items with supernatural properties, many of which will go unnoticed on an NPC. These items include:

        Cat Wand ($150)

        Dog Wand ($150)

        Fox Wand ($150)

        Demon Wand ($150)

        Sleeping powder ($100)

        Nympho powder ($100)

        Invisibility potion ($100)

        Touch of the Nymph ($1000)

        Finger of Hypnos ($1000)

East side:

      The convenience store is where you work, and how you make the cash to purchase the various items in the game. Going to the back of the store and interacting with the work schedule posted on the wall will make you work. You work for $10/HR for 6 hour shifts Monday through Friday. Skipping work won't result in a penalty, and you can work whenever you like for up to two shifts within an 18 hour period. You don't actually "work" so much as the game skips 6 hours and you gain $60 at the end of it. You can also purchase a couple items, including:

        Sleeping pills (x10 use, $10)

        Hair Dye (various colors) (all colors cost $20)

      The sex shop is where you buy various erotic things like:

        Solid Dildo (various colors and girths) (all colors cost $20, girths vary)

        Fleshy Dildo (various skin tones and girths) (all skin tones cost $35, girths vary)

        Ejaculating dildo (imitates male cum) (various colors and girths) (all colors cost $75, girths vary)

        Vibrator (various colors and girths) (all colors cost $50, girths vary)

        Strap-on (Only useable on females. Acts like a fleshy dildo) ($50)

        Lace Bra (various colors) (all colors cost $25)

        Lace Underwear (various colors) (all colors cost $25)

        Handcuffs (sexy padding or not) ($45 w/ padding, $40 w/o padding)

        Collar w/ leash ($25)

        Ball gag ($15)

        Open mouth gag* ($15)

          *I don’t know what it’s actually called. It’s like the ball gag, but instead of a ball, it’s a metal ring that holds the mouth in for forceful blowjobs.

        Whip ($30)

        Paddle ($30)

        Small metal clamps (x5 for $20)

      The Florist is where you can purchase flowers for an NPC. The types you can buy are:

        Single Daisy (various colors) (all colors cost $15)

        Bouquet of Daisies (various colors) (all colors cost $45)

        Single Rose (various colors) (all colors cost $30)

        Bouquet of Roses (various colors) (all colors cost $90)

      The gym is where you work out to gain strength. You “workout” at the gym by interacting with one of the exercise machines. Like the convenience store, you don’t actually do anything, but the game skips two hours, and you lose $75. In addition, there are bathrooms and changing rooms where you may find NPCs with less or no clothes on. Being caught inside the wrong sex’s changing room will result in an immediate -25 drop to the relationship statuses to everyone within line of sight of you.

Your Inventory: Since players can purchase items in this game, there will be an inventory that allows you to store items while on the move. Your inventory will consist of a 6x2 grid to store items, along with a separate 1x7 column for the player's equipped clothing (shirt, bra, pants, underwear, socks, shoes, item-in-hand). NOTE: The game does not pause while the player is in the inventory, so if you change your clothes, any NPCs of the correct sexual orientation and virtue level within line of sight of you will have their level of hormones increased.

Day/Night Cycle: Time is an important factor in this game. Each real life second forwards the game my one minute. Day lasts from 6 AM to 9 PM, whereas night lasts from 9 PM to 6 AM. In this post, there will be various mentions of how time is affected by the player's actions and how things are affected by time.

On the first day of each month (real life calendar year), your rent will be due. Rent is $400 and will be deducted automatically from your balance. Having less than $400 in your balance at the time the rent is due will result in a negative balance.
Your Cellphone: For those of you who have played Grand Theft Auto IV, you know pretty much exactly how the cellphone in this post works. For those of you that don't know how the cellphone works, the cellphone has five functions:

    Clock: See what time it is. Includes date.

    Phonebook: Accesses the numbers of NPC's that have given you their number. The NPCs don't actually have phone numbers in the 'xxx-xxx-xxxx' sort of way. Their name will appear in your phonebook, which will allow you to call them.

    Dial: Dial a number. This is used when entering cheat codes.

    Camera: Accesses your phone's camera so you can take pictures. Has basic zoom functionality and a flash.

    Cheats: Accesses the list of cheat codes that have been previously dialed. Codes include:

      "Disadvantaged" (Only works on males. Tiny penis)

      "Advantaged" (Only works on males. Huge penis)

      "Hard Time" (Only works on males. Solid dildo penis)

      "Clownman" (Only works on males. Fleshy dildo penis)

      "Rattlesnake" (Only works on males. Vibrator penis)

      "Germaine" (Only works on females. Huge breasts)

      "Androgyny" (Only works on females. Flat chested)

      "Bloody Mary" (Only works on females. It gives you a new hymen each time you have sex, so you will always pop your cherry)

      "Hulk Mode" (Your Strength will always be higher than the NPCs)

      "Bank Error" (Gain $1000)

      "Super Stud" (Any interaction with an NPC results in an immediate 100 relationship status)

      “Invasion” (Every NPC that spawns from here on out has alien preset skin tones)

      “Ninja” (Never get caught stealing)

NPC Generation: The NPCs in this game will be randomly generated. The characteristics that an NPC will be generated with are:


    Age (18-99)




    Skin Color (realistic only, unless “invasion” cheat is active)

    Breast Characteristics (female only)


      Areola Size

      Areola Color

    Penis Characteristics (male only)



    Testicle Characteristics (male only)

      Sag below the crotch


    Head Hair

      Main Style

        Hair tie color if applicable

      Bangs Style



    Pubic Hair



    Clothes (NPCs may also spawn without certain pieces of clothing. The amount that they are clothed is partially dependent on their virtue level)






    Clothing Color

    Lip Color

    Whether or not they are holding a drink

    Inventory (including, but not limited to sleeping pills, sex toys, and/or flowers)

    Strength (1-10)

    Sexual Orientation (Hetero, Homo, or Bi)

    Virgin Status (dependent on virtue level)

    Virtue Level

    Base Hormone Level (0-50, partially dependent on virtue level)

    Desire towards Fetishes (when you satisfy the NPCs fetish, your relationship with them increases by 5)

    Curiosity towards fetish (from -5 to 5) (positive values mean that they might ask to try it, whereas negative values will result in a -X relationship status penalty if you go through with the fetish, where X is the curiosity value. A value of zero represents indifference. Curiosity value will always be 5 for that fetish if the NPC has a desire towards that fetish)

NPC Relationship Scale: In this post, there will be references to how much a person likes or dislikes you. Here is the list of what certain values mean:

    -1 (Dislike): You have in some way seriously offended the person, and they will immediately walk away. The only way to interact with them at this point is to either (A) drug them, (B) handcuff them, or (C) overpower them.

    0 (Neutral): Either they have never seen you before, or you were at a better standing with them, but your actions (or lack thereof) have since lowered your standing with them.

    15 (Acquaintance): They won't de-spawn from the world. Will give phone number if asked.

    30 (Friend): They are friendly enough with you that they will follow you around if asked.

    50 (Good Friend): You are now good friends with them, and they may let you have sex with them in your apartment. May like kinky things like handcuffs and golden showers.

    75 (Wants to date): They like you so much that asking them out will result in the both of you being a couple. May like kinky things like handcuffs and golden showers.

    100 (MAI WAIFU): They are so completely horny/in love with you that they will strip down, bend over, and take it right in the street. Will always like kinky things like handcuffs and golden showers.

As your relationship status increases with an NPC after 50, they will be more and more willing to commit sexual acts in more and more public places. Again, this is heavily determined by their virtue level.

Over time, an NPC will begin to lose interest in you. For every 72 hours that goes by where you don't increase your relationship status with an NPC whom you've both (A) positively interacted with before, and (B) your relationship status with them is at least 15, your relationship status with them will drop by 10. If you aren’t dating the NPC, this number will eventually drop down to 0, however if you are dating them, it will only ever drop to 75 via ignoring them.
If the NPC's sexual orientation won't allow you to date them, your relationship status with them can never exceed 70.
NPC Virtue Scale: Along with the player’s relationship status with an NPC, the likelihood that the player will succeed at certain actions with the NPC is also somewhat dependent on how virtuous the NPC is. These modifiers also affect the likelihood that an NPC will attempt to rape the player, and pretty much anything with a sexual aspect of it. Here are the different levels of 'virtue' that an NPC can be generated with:

    Complete Whore: Simply being friends with them is enough for consensual sex to be an option. Chance to attempt rape even if player is fully clothed. 1.5x multiplier to hormone level.

    Promiscuous: You need to be good friends with them for sex, but that isn't too difficult. Chance to attempt rape if player is revealing their breasts as a female. 1.25x multiplier to hormone level.

    Normal: You need to be good friends with them for sex, and getting there is slightly more difficult than if they were Promiscuous. Chance to attempt rape if player is exposing both breasts and/or genitals, but will not partake in gang raping. 1x multiplier to hormone level.

    Reserved: They will only let you have sex with them if they are dating you. Won't rape. 0.75x multiplier to hormone level.

    Highly Reserved: They will only let you have sex with them if your relationship with them is >85, and you are dating them. Won't rape. 0.5x multiplier to hormone level.

NPC Interaction Menu: In addition to the text-based interaction you can have, there is a menu for convenience sake. Right-clicking on an NPC in range will bring up an action menu whereby you can attempt certain actions, or assert certain commands:

    Access NPC’s Inventory (never illegal to access someone’s inventory, however it is illegal when you take something from someone whom you aren’t dating and they catch you stealing (random chance which is heavily dependent on whether or not you are within the NPC’s FoV)

    Use magical powders, sleeping pills, other consumables (If applicable)


    Attempt Hug

    Attempt Kiss

Sex (will cause decrease in relationship status if NPC doesn't want to have sex with you):

    "Lay Down"

    "Bend Over"

    "Stand Up"

    "Open/Close Your Legs"

    "Get On Your Knees"

    "Roll Over (Left)"

    "Roll Over (Right)"

    "Give Me A Handjob"

    "Give Me A Blowjob”

Force (will only succeed if you are stronger than they NPC, or your relationship status with them is 100):

    Force Them To Lay Down

    Force Them To Bend Over

    Force Them To Stand Up

    Force Them To Open/Close Their Legs

    Force Them On Their Knees

    Force Them To Roll Over To The Left

    Force Them To Roll Over To The Right

    Force Them To Give You A Handjob

    Force Them To Give You A Blowjob

It should be noted here that since the game uses the XStoryPlayer physics, you don't necessarily need to ask/force a blowjob or ask them to/make them open their legs as you can do that by left-clicking and dragging. The options are there simply for convenience sake.
NPC Physical Interaction: Along with asking the NPC to follow you around (which is dependent on how interested they are in you), you can grab parts of their body. You will be able to choose between three different hand positions: Open, Closed, Finger.

    Open: Allows you to rub an NPC’s (or your own) body. If you are in good standing with them, they will let you rub their private areas. If you aren't either good friends or dating them, your relationship with them will decrease and they may walk away out of disgust for you (along with calling you a pervert).

    Closed: Allows you to masturbate (as a male), give handjobs to other males, grab a female's breasts, or grab someone's limbs to drag them places.

    Finger: Allows you to masturbate (as a female), and finger females asshole/pussies, or males assholes.

You can only successfully grab an NPC's limb under certain circumstances:

    You are in good standing with the person.

    They are unconscious.

    You are stronger than they are.

    The grabbed limb is handcuffed to another limb.

In addition to grabbing parts of their body, many of the items in the game can be used on the NPCs:

    Single Daisy: Gives +5 to relationship status with NPC*

    Bouquet of Daisies: Gives +15 to relationship status with NPC*

    Single Rose: Gives +10 to relationship status with NPC*

    Bouquet of Roses: Gives +30 to relationship status with NPC*

    Solid/Fleshy/Ejaculating Dildo: So long as you are at a high enough standing with an NPC, they will allow you to touch them with the dildo. Otherwise, bringing a dildo in contact with them will cause you to lose standing with them, and if low enough they will call you a pervert and walk away. Ejaculate from dildo is treated as human cum for relationship purposes.

    Vibrator: Same as the dildo... but it can vibrate!

    Strap-on: Same physics and relationship effects as the dildo, but it acts as a permanently erect penis

    Handcuffs: Allows whatever limb that is handcuffed to be dragged without a strength check or relationship status check so long as it's handcuffed to another limb.

    Cat Wand: Gives NPC pointy cat ears, a functioning tail, and whiskers

    Dog Wand: Gives NPC floppy dog ears, a bushy dog tail, and whiskers

    Fox Wand: Gives NPC pointy fox ears, a fluffy red fox tail, and whiskers

    Demon Wand: Gives NPC small red horns, a red leathery tail, and a red skin tone

    Sleeping Powder: Makes NPC instantly fall unconscious

    Nympho Powder: Makes NPC’s hormone level 100

    Invisibility Potion: Makes player invisible for 3 in-game hours, grabbed NPCs will be scared and confused, 100% stealing success rate, being naked will not affect NPCs hormone levels, and police will not be able to arrest you when you are wanted and within a police officer’s FoV.

    Touch of the Nymph: Makes NPC’s hormone level 100

    Finger of Hypnos: Makes NPC fall unconscious for 6 in-game hours

    Sleeping Pills: If the NPC is holding a drink, you can use the sleeping pills on their drink to spike their drink. If you interact with the NPC or stalk them for long enough, they will become unconscious. If the NPC can be overpowered, you can force the NPC to swallow the pills and wait until the drug kicks in. The effects last 1 hour, but additional sleeping pills can be put in an NPC to restart the timer.

*The stated increases that the flowers give are only on the first use on a given NPC. Each consecutive use halves its' effectiveness rounded up unless at least 48 hours have passed without any flowers being given to that NPC.
Sex Positions: The complexity of the controls are designed to allow the player (the NPCs have the same options) to go in different positions. Positions can also be changed by opening up the interaction menu on the NPC. If the player is getting raped, they have no control over the sex positions. If the player is raping someone, then partner-dominant positions will require the player to do the thrusting.
Illegal Activity: Even though you can drag people into a dark alley or your apartment, and rape them, there is the risk of getting caught by the police. If you are doing an illicit activity, you will be immediately arrested. Being captured will cause the screen to black out, the game to advance 72 hours, $250 gone from your wallet, any stolen items removed, and you appearing at the entrance of the police station with the victim of the crime deleted from the game world. If you raped someone who gave you their phone number, that phone number will no longer function.
However, if you are completely successful in dragging a person into an alley where you are hidden from the police, you can begin to rape them (you can attempt to rape a person at any time, it's just that doing it out in the open will give you the greatest risk of getting caught, and anyone within line of sight of you will have your relationship status with them drop 25 points, or to -1 if your status with them isn’t at 25 yet).

At a random time while you are still within 5 meters of the victim and you have inserted yourself into the victim at least once, another person may ask to join in on the rape, however this can be declined without consequence at any point before or during the gang rape. Complying with the other person will let them have their way with the victim as well. The gang raping NPCs will only attempt an insertion if they can without interrupting the players' current position (i.e., they won't go for vaginal or anal if you are doing either vaginal or anal, but they might attempt a forced blowjob). If the NPC is unable to rape the victim at a given moment, they will begin to masturbate while asking if they can join in. Up to 4 people (including you) can rape one person at a given time. Leaving the area before either climax will cause the victim to run away out of the game world (unless they are unconscious, handcuffed at both the knees and wrists, or there was at least one NPC in addition to the player raping the victim), however he/she will not trigger police to come after you. Post-climax exit will cause her/him to lie down and begin to cry. Doing any action that forwards game time will cause the raped person to de-spawn unless they are handcuffed at both the knees and wrists, and they are in your apartment. Any handcuffs and/or sex toys attached to or in the victim when they de-spawn will de-spawn with the victim.
If, while dragging a person to your apartment, you decide to fast travel, your success rate (not getting arrested) will be inversely proportional to the distance to your apartment. If you succeed at getting the victim to your apartment, you can rape the person for as long as you like. A person can be held against their will at your apartment for an indefinite period of time so long as they are bound by the hands and knees when you leave your apartment. Raping the same person at your apartment 3-5 times (dependent on virtue level) non-consecutively (skipping ahead an arbitrary amount of time in-between rape sessions) will "break" the person, effectively allowing you to have your way with them without needing to handcuff them, knock them out, or overpower them. They will still have negative verbal responses to sex.
Illegal activities include:

    Having sex with someone against their will

    Dragging someone against their will

      Regardless of relationship status, dragging an unconscious body is considered against their will

    Handcuffing someone against their will

    Touching a person's sexual parts/using toys on a person's sexual parts against their will while they are helpless (handcuffed while not at a high enough relationship status, while the person is unconscious, or while you are overpowering them)

    Taking something from someone’s inventory when they are not dating you, and being in possession of that item when you are within a police officer’s FoV.

Police Officers: During the game, there is a random chance that a spawned NPC will be a police officer. A police officer has an invisible FoV that sweeps 120 degrees and has a distance of 20 meters, however this distance is reduced to 10 meters at night. Police officers will look down alleyways, but will not walk down them. If you are being a good little boy/girl, and not doing any of the aforementioned illegal activities, being within a cops FoV will do nothing. Police officers are unable to be seduced, molested, raped, or in any way interactive with the exception that you can tell them to follow you to the scene of a rape. Attempting to seduce, molest, rape, drug, or handcuff a police officer will result in an immediate arrest.
Hormone Level: Just as hormones are a major determinant of present sexual activity in people in reality, so too is it in this game. An NPCs hormone level will vary from between 0 and 100, with higher numbers indicating a greater desire for sex.

People in the game world will judge you and other NPCs based on what, or what you are not wearing, how you speak to them, and actions that you take towards them. As a male character, not wearing pants may make it harder for women or men to want to talk to you. As a female, not wearing either a top and/or a bottom may have the same effect. Asking a sexually promiscuous person about their sex life may make them like you more and make them slightly hornier, while asking a very reserved person about their sex life may turn them off completely if they aren’t already in the mood.

Cops will not care if you show sexual parts of your body, or if you masturbate. Showing your breasts as a female, or showing your genitals as either sex will increase nearby NPCs levels of hormones, and public masturbation will cause the level of hormones to rise even faster. During the night, all NPCs have a 1.5x hormone level multiplier.

If an NPC's hormone level hits 100 because of your actions and/or your lack of clothing, they will attempt to rape you if you are not at least friends with them. NPC's who you are at least friends with will not ever attempt to rape you, however they may ask to have sex with you if your relationship status with them, their virtue level, and their sexual orientation allow. You can deny the offer with no penalty, although the NPC’s hormone level will remain unchanged, and they may break following with you to go behind the nearest alleyway, or into the bathroom (if inside a building) to masturbate. NPCs will not attempt to rape the player if the player has another NPC following them. If the player has an NPC following them, and another NPC's hormone level hits 100 due to the player, they will attempt to rape the nearest person of compatible sex who isn't the player.
Now, when an NPC tries to rape you, you will not be helpless. So long as you have a greater level of strength, you can escape, however if you so desire (or you are not strong enough), you will be dragged to the nearest alley and raped with no control (for convenience sake, there will be a "skip to climax" button that will skip to the end of the rape scene, and forwards the clock 1 hour). Cops may still catch the crook before he/she is finished, although this is only if the rape falls within a cops FoV. The player can be gang raped just as easily as how other NPCs can join in when the player is raping someone. If you skip the rape, you can tell if you were gang raped or not by the amount of semen on your body.
NPCs can also get raped by other NPCs under the same circumstances. If you spot a rape, you can go to a police officer and tell them to follow you. You then lead the police officer to the scene, and so long as the rape is still going on, the officer can arrest the rapist, and you get an automatic +20 to the rape victim's relationship status with you. You can also join in on a gang rape, and the NPCs will never say no to you.
Conclusion: Ideally, this game is supposed to somewhat mimic real life in that there is always a way to get in someone’s pants. The game should be playable such that you can either roleplay as a law-abiding sexually reserved citizen who only takes up one relationship at a time, a serial rapist who wants to do nothing more than drag people into a dark alley and have their way with them, a player who gets all the girls, a slut who gets all the guys, a lesbian, a gay guy, or some combination of the above!
For this game to be correctly balanced and feel right, many factors have to be just right:

    Trying to get into a girls pants legally should be just as time-consuming and/or difficult as it is to do it illegally.

    NPC on NPC rape shouldn't be an epidemic. It should be common enough that all players see it multiple times throughout a given play through, but not so common that every other alley has one or more people raping someone.

    When either an NPC rapes a player or another NPC, the game should dynamically change what the rapist's(s) position(s) is/are, so that a rape scene becomes, in essence, a procedurally generated 3D sex scene.

    Unless the player reveals their breasts/genitals, they shouldn't have to really worry about being raped, even though it's still a possibility under the right circumstances.

    Buying your way into someone's pants should be inefficient enough that most players won't bother trying.

    Dragging a rape victim to your apartment, while very rewarding, should be very difficult.

    How much things cost should be well balanced with the player's income such that you are neither desperate/paranoid about your current funds, nor are you constantly rich.

I know that there is a snowball's chance in hell that X Moon Productions will actually want to make this game, but if the devs want to make this, all I ask is credit for the idea.

Last edited by TheMohawkNinja on Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:19 pm, edited 28 times in total.

Fri Feb 28, 2014 4:20 am
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Rank 7

Joined: Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:35 am
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Wow very nice :) i have one disagree,i dont want to be raped :) i am the rapist after all :mrgreen: this part of your game sucksssss :) :D

Fri Feb 28, 2014 5:28 am
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Rank 16

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JohnCrichton wrote:
Wow very nice :) i have one disagree,i dont want to be raped :) i am the rapist after all :mrgreen: this part of your game sucksssss :) :D

That's why there is a "skip to climax" button, so that you can skip right past it and get back to doing what you want.

Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:25 pm
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Rank 12

Joined: Tue Dec 10, 2013 10:42 am
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This is a really good and thought through concept. I would buy something like this without a second thought ;)

Sat Mar 01, 2014 4:31 pm
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Rank 6

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This is indeed the PERFECT sex game! In my opinion for a game to achieve that status it needs more than just having sex (like 3DSexVilla - boring...); it needs something like BoneTown for example. Man, that game hasn't got graphics, hasn't got the most interactive gameplay, but does one thing well: making sex a challange as well as giving it more importance (getting balls bigger, regenerating health). It also makes you become the best since there are guys with better "tools" so it's like a constant stimulation. Now, I'm not saying BoneTown is the perfect game, no, it's just a good example of how other things can be combined with sex to make it seem more realistic. Here comes the biggest problem though: the developing team. Graphics, animation, gameplay they all need human resources and no one is going to do all this job for free, because it takes time, a lot of time. It would be interesting if for some time, all companies would work together and create an ultra game, with the best everything, but that's a fantasy. Anyway, I agree with your idea ;).

Thu Mar 06, 2014 10:17 pm
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Rank 6

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Yes i agree this would be a perfect sex game. Additional it should have at the randomly generated npc - the age option, from 18years till 60years - further it should have - physicly corrected option off ripping the clothes off -
Finally - different type of characters, from anxious character to very cheeky character - would be massive.

Sun Mar 09, 2014 10:27 am
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tomahawk307 wrote:
Yes i agree this would be a perfect sex game. Additional it should have at the randomly generated npc - the age option, from 18years till 60years - further it should have - physicly corrected option off ripping the clothes off -
Finally - different type of characters, from anxious character to very cheeky character - would be massive.

Torn clothes would be neat, but I don't know how easy that is on a processor. On one hand, you could have the clothes rip in one place in one way, and while it wouldn't tax the CPU, it wouldn't look all that great. On the other hand, investing a lot of time making a super-realistic cloth ripping sub-routine could be very taxing on a CPU.

Age could be interesting. I don't believe it would be too hard to add age to a character model if you know what you are doing. Additionally, an advantage to this being just a game is that you don't need to set a lower limit (at least in the U.S., attempts at banning underage hentai was shot down as against the first amendment within a year or so after being passed).

As for different types, that would be a good idea, since such an option is in Artificial Academy, and the various characteristics (i.e. Dark, Obscene, Aloof) did add to the game.

Sun Mar 09, 2014 2:07 pm
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would also be good a factory where womans standing at the assembly line and produce small things and you can work there and earn money to buy things

As you said you have few decisions you can flirt, you can have non public relationship, you can have normal relationship, you can rape the womans (think youre kicked when), you can go funnier you can turn the clothes off by button (emotions are suprised or ashamed) or by rough rubbing

The womans self are most older (30-50) 1% is younger then 30

The character of the womans for example are


37 years old ,weight 80 kilo, a bbw(thicker body), married, self conscious


49 years old, weight 85 kilo, a bbw, married, old traditional, shy


24 years old, weight 50 kilo, slender young body, not married single, cheeky


42 years old, weight 63 kilo, older thin body, self conscious

The characters are just examples of how can that be

Mon Jun 23, 2014 10:50 pm
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This does sound truly FANTASTIC.

Unfortunately is also sounds like a truly fantastic about of work, which of course, would take a bit of time. But it would definitely be a hit with the group.
Like one of those Japanese dating sims, but in English and more focused on the sex than overly tedious relationship building. You know the kind, the ones you play for 2 hours before even getting that 1st blow job. I'd actually not mind at all seeing Artificial Girl 3 redone with the XSP engine, that'd be pretty nifty.

Thu Jun 26, 2014 4:41 pm
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I like it.would buy it

Thu Oct 23, 2014 1:12 am
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