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 Lesbian/Incest/Voyeur Story. 
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Now i understand that most likely this game is dead, it's been stalled for practically 4 years now so sad. However i'm writing this in case somehow the game springs back to life, OR, Someone is either looking to make a game of their own and wants an idea, so here ya go. I'll be as detailed as i can with how it should go.

You are the son, either adopted or step doesn't matter. Point is you live with your mom and sister. Dad is gone (Either dead or left, doesn't matter) So you gotta be the one in charge of the family. Luckily for you, you find out dad was a magician. After interacting with his magic stuffs, something happens to you. You find out that people become hornier and lose some inhibition around you, this should be fun.


You - A 18 year old guy who has just lost his father, now living with your step-mom and step-sister you have to take care of them. Lucky for you (and unlucky for them) you're a shameless pervert and you're gonna have fun making them submit

Claire: The 38 year old mother. A gorgeous MILF who is rather distraught about losing her husband, she's sexually frustrated after his death and you can hear her masturbate every night. She might need someone to cheer her up

Lara: The 18 year old daughter. A shy and quiet girl, also upset about the death of your father. She seems to be unusually close to her mother. Maybe you can use this to your advantage?


Your goal is to corrupt the family. You have 10 days, otherwise the spells ware off and you're back to square one. in these 10 days you can explore the house you live in, relatively small but who cares. During the day you interact with your family, slowly corrupting them and making them more interested in you and each other. A new system in the game would be time, as you follow them they will do their daily task; dishes, laundry, cooking, or just lounging around. During these times you can talk to them, there are no penalties for coming off to strong, they just wont talk to you for an hour, then through the magic of video games they'll act like they forgot the whole thing. Touch them, seduce them and generally make them hornier. But be careful, the hornier you make them the more they'll seek relief. And if you don't jump to the chance they might just turn to each other.


Days would last 16 hours, NPCs would seemlessly move through the environments and do activites like I listed above. When you talk to them, your magic starts to work on them, they'll start to act more slutty. Maybe asking you to take a layer off or to give them a massage. Just be patient and talk to them. On the 3rd or 4th day you can start touching them without permission, making them feel hornier. As they become more corrupted their activities will change. Claire might go to her room to masturbate and you can peek. Lara might start watching porn late at night. If you push them far enough they might look to each other, and you can catch them making out in the living room who knows? After the 10 days, depending on how you finished depends on what you can do (What you thought it would end there?)


Failure - This ending is obvious and has the lowest effect. Comes from if you stuck to talking and barely interacted - The effects are there, their hornier but not corrupted. They'll just go to their rooms to masturbate a lot. Maybe do something kinky by themselves? but that's it. Aside from that no real changes to their schedules and you wont be able to act anymore. They'll also get mad at you if caught and force you to end the day.

Voyeur/lesbians(poor) - This ending occurs if you corrupted them, but didn't sex them, or sexed them collectively less then 5 times - Their corrupted, super horny all the time, they barely even do any work around the house anymore. Problem is, you didn't fuck them enough and their just sticking to each other. Great. They won't even let you watch them (won't stop you though)

Voyeur/Lesbians(meh) - same thing as above, just they'll let you watch and they'll let you strip them. Happens if you sexed them collectively less then 8 times.

Good/True ending - Their your slaves. They'll do everything you say. You can fuck them whenever you like or tell them to fuck each other. It's whatever you want at this point. It's basically freeplay, maybe buy some toys for them to play with though?

Sat Mar 02, 2019 7:44 am
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