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If you have ideas for more XStoryPlayer stories, post them here. They can be in any form like short story, script, comix, etc.

It does not mean that these stories will be implemented in XStoryPlayer, but if they are voted popular they might.

You cannot post copyrighted material here, only stories that you created yourself. :!:

By posting a story here you allow it to be used by us royalty free :!:

Tue Feb 19, 2013 3:34 pm
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I think it would be great if the headlines of the topics would be edited for a better overview. Titles like "My Suggestion" or "New Story Proposal" don't say a thing. For example, I know that I read the idea for an XSP-Story that was supposed to play on a starship, and I wanted to add my thoughts, but I can't find it and have to read through all threads (which are not that much at the moment, but these boards will grow when XSP becomes more popular), which is very time consuming and frustrating because of that.

I come from a Fanfiction-Site and also have a decade of experience writing on message boards, and either the authors of threads with non-specific titles are asked to find a meaningful title, or the admins/operators give a title. There would be two sides which benefit from clear titles: The author who started the thread would attract more readers and more answers, and the users would find the topic they were looking for on first sight. So it's a win-win.

I give you an example. Which one would be the first message board to read?

Sci-Fi-Theme: "Lust in Space" - A sexy Space Odyssey


My Suggestion


EDIT: Yeah, I know, I could use the Search, but it gets really annoying if you have to search for every bit because the starter of a topic couldn't make up a proper title. :roll:
2nd EDIT: I tried the Search function, but I couldn't find the post I was looking for. Neither can't I remember special words used in the reply, nor can I find it in the "Story Proposal" Category. Guess I lost it. That's a little disappointing.

3rd EDIT: I thought it over, and I want to say that I withdraw my suggestion of moving similar threads together. Since the category "Story Proposal" seems to be more like a story archive and less like a discussion/question-board, it makes more sense to keep the proposals of different people in different topics, just as if somebody would post a story on a fanfic-site, and other users can comment or write a review.

Sun Oct 20, 2013 3:46 pm
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I've seen a lot of great story ideas in this forum, however I suspect that a lot of them may be outside the practical technical limits of the next version.
So that we can try to submit stuff that is more useful, could you give a ballpark idea of what the limits will be for version 4?

Things such as max number/size of locations, max # of NPCs, max (or ideal) story length, and any other limitations we should keep in mind?

Also, what kinds of player actions or movements might be added to the next version?

Sorry for all the questions, but I'd love to be able to write something that would be realistically useful for you guys.

Sun Feb 21, 2016 8:15 pm
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From what we've heard so far you guys are aiming to introduce Xmoon University in this one?

So naturally The finl days of high school come to mind. I'm thinking along the lines of trying to fuck the teacher and maybe some cheerleaders at a graduation party to show off the new engine. Start off with the usual and have the last day of school be the day the hot teacher or librarian comes on to you or you to her. than after that Instead of many sequential specific tasks which unlock the next, you can do more of a checklist of conquests at a graduation party. Have it at a house with a pool. put some goth chicks in the driveway, a couple bimbos in the pool or a hottub and you want to have a 3 way with them. A chick sleeping in the bedroom and you need to steal her panties or jack off on her without waking her up. A preppy bitch you have to get drunk enough to fuck you ect. When you finish that story or playing around there and decide to leave the party, An intro screen for Xmoon University, it will seamlessly lead you to the campus game mode where you can start adding girls to your world, some of the party girls can be preloaded there as new students as well. You can live in a dorm or in your own place on or off campus with your dungeon for capturing coeds =)

I really like TheMohawkNinjas backpack idea in his grand theft XStoryPlayer VI thread. This game really needs an inventory system. Running back and forth to a table is a bit annoying. Instead of school books you carry around a backpack full of sex toys and bdsm gear :lol:

Mon Feb 22, 2016 1:03 am
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