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 I Give Up! 
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I'm sensing that because of how elaborate my last post was, people are thinking that it was sincere.

The reality is that it was not. It was a sarcastic reply, that got more complex then it should have, to whether or not the rejected drink could left on the table.

The fact of the matter is that the guide I posted fails at step 1, because the plastic tub in the fridge is locked in placed and cannot be moved. It's not a tub, it's really a white box with an invisible top. Go ahead, try putting cans in it.

As for prying Sam out of her magical personal space bubble, well, if it is possible, then I do not have the patience to achieve such a feat. I can get her hand to wiggle, that's about it.

I just felt I needed to clear this up.


Xpadmin, is there a better term than "magical personal space bubble"? Because I'm tired of calling it that.

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Tue Jan 28, 2014 12:31 am
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^ I knew it was fake, since the only thing that will get her out of her magical personal space bubble is the atomic bomb item, and that's not going to be available until 3.0. ;)

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Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:24 am
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Internal (in the code) they are called "body_box" or "body_cylinder" (depending on the shape).

Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:56 am
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Pickled Cow wrote:
rem1967 wrote:
Thank you all for your help. One more question: when she yells at you for getting the wrong drink (no matter what you get her) and you have to get the other one, do you have to put the first drink back in the fridge, or can you leave it on the table?

1) You can bring both drinks at once by using the plastic tub (found on the bottom shelf of the fridge) to carry them with.

2) Once a drink is rejected, drop everything you have on floor and turn 135 degrees to your right. You should see a silver legged bench with wooden sitting planks, one of many in this gym.

3) Pick up this bench (be careful, it's a "slippery object" and will fly across the room if you're not slow with it) and carry it to the empty sitting booth that Sam has her back to.

4) Put the bench over the glass divider and drop it behind Sam. If it lands right, you can use it to pry Sam out of the magical personal space bubble and drag her on to the floor.

5) Now the game still won't let you touch her with the mouse, so to get around this, take the drink that she rejected and stuff it down her cleavage, and then use said drink to pull off her tank top.

6) After you are done messing with her clothes, use the legs of the bench to flip Sam on to her stomach, and then go fetch the lid from the trashcan.

7) Now this is tricky, but now you have to take the trash can lid and force it underneath her stomach by shoving it against her side while her other side is against the wall.

8) Once you feel that this has got her hips high enough into the air, take the plastic tub from the fridge and place it upside down over Sam's head so she can't see what are you are doing. The get back behind her hips and kneel down.

9) Take out penis, put it penis. (This step will not work in the versions of the game that supports wearing 2 layers of clothing.)

10) Repeat Step 9.

U ARE A GENIUS!!!, When the lastest version come out, you better have more of your genius plan as well. Even if it fake or not still awesome if you can actually do it, ya know. Hahahaha.

Wed Jan 29, 2014 7:14 am
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