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 Taking a seat for development "So Many Possibilities" 
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let me get this out of the way first.
for those just reading for the suggestion feel free to skip ahead to the ---Suggestion--- for the body of this post.

i have worked on many personal modifications for video games adding sexual features and animations to make them more desirable to my interests. i wont go into much detail on these because the subject of importance is X Moons product not mine. simply let this information reinforce that i have a passion for sexual content.

so i recently purchased this product and i must say, it definitely has some great potential and is very interactive/engaging.. however something important feels absent.
something that is in itself very limiting to the content available to us now and in the future.
something that i hope "the developers" if reading this take as a solid idea and not as a complaint.

so lets get to the good part and what most of you will be reading this for.


a great feature would be the ability to use furniture, i understand this may be down to limitations with the physics based movement system but the ability to sit down or lay down would add Immeasurable options for enhancing the experience.

a few things to consider related to this suggestion:
the vast majority of sexual encounters involve seated or prone positions, Missionary, Reverse/Regular Cowgirl, Prone and Seated riding, Titjobs, Blowjobs and the list goes on... you see what my point is.
if someone is to watch someone performing a lap dance it would be highly probable the recipient is seated or even reclined in their seat.
It would add huge potential for storytelling ideas, a few examples: "sleazy nightclub striptease/lap dance, restaurant date where the girl goes under the table, being on board a packed train only to end up with a girl in your lap"
Sitting is something humans do for a large amount of their time. Always standing is bad, it disconnects you from the game world when you have to stand during something where you would normally be seated. something so common should not really be overlooked for immersion sake especially for those former mentioned reasons.

Implementation of this could be something as simple as fixing the playable characters feet at one location with the head camera point at another point "with a swivel motion" allowing the hips to move freely, it would allow for thrusting and also keep the player within a scripted area to take part in events

Kind regards for reading this and keep up the great work.

Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:19 pm
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Personally I can't afford VR right now. The girls spend most of thier time in the chains when I play so I never really felt the need to sit down in the game. But I could see this type of feature being beneficial to those who do have VR. It would certainly add another level of immersion.

Also, 4.0 is on its way... We have some info about 4.0, but not too much about the new engine besides it's going to be more stable and able to handle much larger environments then the rooms were used to.
It's very possible they're added to the gameplay mechanics... I'd even say it's highly likely they did. In the first version you couldn't really grab the girls and move them around like you can in 3.5. A small but massively effective improvement. Also they added an auto forward thing that works like a hump when used right, the girls actually fuck and suck back in this version as well. Considering the Xmoon devs strive to create a real world feel within this game, making the player more versatile is definitely something on their list already. :)

Honestly this is the best sex sim I've ever played... and I'm pretty sure I've played close to all of them ever made by now. I'd happily be placed in a induced coma and tell the doctors to wake me up when XSP 9.9 comes out. :lol:

Fri Nov 25, 2016 6:43 am
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