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Hey guys and or girls.
First off I love this game and has awesome potentials.

I am fairly good in making models and such and a basic unity C# programmer
(Still learning though)
And this game got me fired up.

Now I have looked at some mods though some are a pain to install.

I have some questions about how to mod this game and maybe you could answer some please?

1: combining mods
I would love to combine animations and functionality from dungeon rape and blowjob mod and put them in love party. But what do I need to do and where?

2: add more girls.
For now not completely new models but how can I spawn more Jessica's Laura's and Monica's and saikos in the dungeons? Preferably loveparry since I only got that one to work.
Just give a new name. Use same body as * same brain same functionality.
Just have one more appear to spawn with futa or none.. that's it.

3: camera
Is there a way to command player and freeroam camera?
Or change the camera and controls on another object while player fucks?
Or maybe even zoom in and out a bit?
I love a down upward view of the action and sometimes it's hard to get a good angle.
Even if the player has no face.. is there a way to adjust it?
Or even a bit..
Which file dat or anything would I need to edit?

4:lock in?
Is there a way to lock in the player? If the Dick is in.. keep it there?

5: movement girls.
I have been fooli g around with the chains and somehow I would love it if I could just bend the girls over and in that pose move them without them snapping back into position.
Not fully rag doll but just shift them a bit?

6:call on animation?
Is there a way to call out a certain part of the animation?
Say I have a girl suspended in chains and placed the other one perfectly.
I want them to just start the blowjob animation?
Or fuck animation regardless of the other girls stance?

7 my biggest..
In 2 parts
Is there a detailed description what file does what?
Without this probably will never figure the above out at all without months of torture.

And Blender.
I don't have 500 bucks a month for Maya..
Is there a way.. Or maybe.. someone..
Willing to help get models I maybe making of scenes into a usable format in game?

Or can I shortcut Maya?
Say if I open the models in blender and make changes or add on them. Can someone make them usable or myself without Maya?
If so I could build sex robots. Machines. Scenery.

That is you guys.

Hope you can help me out.
If so.... I could make an asset and would love to contribute to this game.

Ps: if you guys ever start using the unity or unreal engine.. I am going to go nuts on content creation.

Sun Sep 09, 2018 8:14 pm
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1: combining mods
This would be copying the code from the correct dat files and making sure it all plays nice together
What you would have to do varies depending on the mods

inside pack_dungeon\init\stories\dungeon\chars
That's where the characters are, you would have to copy those files then rename them and inside all the dat files so they point to the new character
then... im not sure, i have not played with dungeons enough

3: camera
The player is directly controlled by you unless you F6 mode
You can add in new camera positions for when you press X
That is found in pack_dungeon\init\std\base\main Main_Base.dat

4:lock in?

5: movement girls.
If you mean posing then no
They follow their animations

6:call on animation?
You can make custom animations
You can call them to do any animation at any time
Animations can be layered

Not really, It's a learning experience
However feel free to ask questions

You can make everything in blender then use a student version of maya to compile
The lower the version of maya the better im using 2015

To install a mod


Eskarn's Dungeon Mod(BETA)

Eskarn's puzzle map (story)

Mon Sep 10, 2018 7:01 am
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