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 Sword of Wonder .29 Update (Fantasy, Animated) 
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Since I resumed full time game development, I wanted to share my project in porgress here. It's called Sword of Wonder.

The game revolves around Jack (or you can change name to your preference) and his life adjusting to a strange new land called Tropia, where the royal family invites him into their home. While there, Jack gets propositioned by everyone, including the first Princess he met and heir, Polly. It's up to you if you become close to the women or ignore them and be careful: Polly has a temper and if you choose the wrong options in-game, it may be an early end to the adventure.

The game contains about 1700 images or so, and dozens of animations (themes include oral, threesome, spanking) with several of the female characters including the princesses, the Queen, and her guard, Spring. More to be included in the future. There are a few mini-games as well which cannot be skipped, but, are fairly simple.

Mega download links for the latest free update, version .27:


The .29 update is the latest one for the highest tier of supporters; you can get the .28 update for only $1.

File comment: Patreon cover image.
new-patreon-cover-sow.png [ 700.19 KiB | Viewed 3225 times ]

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Thu Mar 14, 2019 4:06 pm
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I had a thought, since I've seen a few (not all) adult games have "video previews." For a download game like mine where it doesn't stream in browser, I think the video trailer makes sense.

Would that make you more interested in trying out a new game? If so, would it be better to include some of the hotter animation, OR, do you think it would be better to mention the game includes hot animation, but, only show the less explicit bits in video.

Thoughts appreciated greatly!

Sun Mar 17, 2019 2:48 am
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Available for all levels of supporters (and free this next Friday, if you want to wait...) is the latest Sword of Wonder update. Below are details for the .27 version as well as the many bug fixes that went into the .27c final version. All desktops supported and an Android version is available as well for .27c with reduced image quality to ensure it only takes up 340 megabytes of space.

Update version .27 scenes:
* Summer outside bedroom, inside room stripping (44 images, 3 animations) (done, in update)
* new camelot scene (27 renders, in update)
* bag search scene, thickens plot (if note read) - (4 images) (done, in update)
* Polly dinner solo (13 images) done, in update
* royals in great hall scene (16 renders done, in update)
* Autumn bedroom scene (4 animations, 35 images) (done, in update & tested)
* armory (60+ images, 5 animations) (done, in update)

Bug fix list the .27c update:

* fixed issue where on day 3 couldn't visit Polly's room even if she invited
* fixed image with Snow on trail to ensure duplicate images aren't shown
* multiple language and dialogue issues fixed
* return from lake evening alert screen issue fixed
* double descriptive text on odd days fixed when leaving castle
* inner monologue about bandits fixed based on correct count when visiting Camelot locked
* fixed issue with Uma room invitation for second scene
* fixed issue from the .27 version where you kept looping around between armory and bedroom
* fixed polly riding clothes lunch (scene wouldn't increment so multiple scenes were not available previously)
* fixed issue with fight scenes where they disappeared too early
* fix variable for Briley lunch as you might hit limit but not have all the bags...
- other spelling, grammar & misc fixes

Beta testers wanted as well - if you're willing to fill out the answers to about a dozen questions or so, I'll send you the links to download the most recent .28 version that was made available to supporters on December 7th. Learn more about Sword of Wonder here or my website,

Sun Dec 08, 2019 9:16 pm
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Also wanted to mention the latest .28 update is available for supporters at the $1 level, in both desktop & Android versions. Android has been much improved with the menus fixed now in .28 where they didn't have background images so were hard to read in .27c.

Sat Dec 14, 2019 9:21 pm
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Wanted to share the details about the .29 update here.

So what's new & awesome in this update?

Well, for starters, it's the largest monthly update *ever* with more than 250 new images and 14 new animations. There are three new adult scenes, two of which are threesomes with multiple animations in the scene. Text wise, it's about 40% longer than any previous monthly update as well and the content in this build adds a full 3 days of in game time and more than a dozen new scenes.

In total, there are now over 1700 images in the current .29 version of Sword of Wonder, as well as 125,000 words of text.

Details about the .29 edition of Sword of Wonder:

Training with Pepper scenes (3 animations)

Wendy petitions the royals

Flashback scene with Polly and Spring

Discovery of a prisoner in the dungeon

Autumn helps Polly change clothes

The Lady Vivien arrives for dinner

Briley visits MC and brings a guest (3 animations)

Cuthhere delivers a warning about the Sword (1 animation)

Polly lends Vivien some lingerie

Polly entertains MC (1 new animation)

Spring and Summer escort MC to his quarters (7 animations)

In addition, there are bug fixes and other updates in this version as well. The new content should be able to be explored once all the major items have been covered from previous updates, eg, collecting the 3 urns, the 3 bags, and defeating the bandits, as well as training with Pepper, to raise your combat score to at least 10.

Mon Dec 30, 2019 7:09 pm
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Quick note here to mention that the .29 update is available to all supporters at the Nice level ($5) and can be downloaded here.

Tue Jan 14, 2020 4:25 pm
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